Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hot Media Buzz!

Err America, the leftoid gabfest radio network is having a few problems this morning in LA and Chicago where they are now off the air. Drudge has his siren up with a story about bounced checks and the Freepers are updating their dead pool. It's too early for that - the wingnuts can probably get Ernst Blofeld George Soros to kick in some of his loot if he isn't busy overthrowing any governments.

And speaking of folks whose 15 mintues are definitely up, how about pro blogger Wonkette, aka Anal Marie Cox? AOS HQ reports Breaking News: Wonkette Announces New "Morning Zoo" Format:
W A S H I N G T O N -- In what is being called a "innovation" in the blogosphere, Anna Marie Cox and her promoter Nick Denton have announced that the mildly-popular Wonkette blog will be switching to the "Morning Zoo" format so popular in radio during the 1980s.

"We're going to take political analysis to the next level," a triumphant Denton beamed. "And that next level is wacky sound effects."
The new format will be even more tirelessly promoted by Denton. But this time, he'll be using a new technique: "on-line giveaways." "We'll attract readers by having a Phrase that Pays every day of the show," Denton said. "You just have to know the Phrase that Pays when Cox emails you, and you might win tickets to, say, a Tori Amos concert. Or maybe a year's subscription to Salon magazine. Good stuff like that. Things that everybody really wants."

Denton is cagey about whether he has the first Phrase That Pays chosen. "I don't want to give anything away," he says with a smile, "but let's just say it rhymes with "bass-shucking."

"We've been really pleased with the quality of Anna's site so far," Denton said. "But we've always thought it was just missing a few key ingredients. Switching to a Morning Zoo format will give us those missing ingredients-- originality, humor, and class.."
Don't spoil it for her regular fans, Nick!