Saturday, April 17, 2004

Fidel and his little thugs

Remember yesterday's story about Cuban thugs roughing up an NGO representative at the UN in Geneva? Well, it turns out they have been making a habit of it - U.S. to file protest over activist attack:
"There has been a series of incidents and intimidation," said Mr. Williamson, the U.S. deputy ambassador to the United Nations who leads the U.S. delegation at the session.

In a phone interview yesterday, Mr. Williamson said he had met with European Union counterparts, and they were considering how to file a complaint about the latest attack with the proper U.N. authorities.

"We've already filed letters with the head of U.N. security in Geneva, telling them we're concerned about the security of our delegation and staff," he said.
The attack, which took place immediately after a U.S.-sponsored resolution to condemn Cuba's human rights violations squeaked through by a single vote, was the fourth use or threat of force by a member of the Cuban contingent on a member of the U.S. delegation, and the third on U.N. property.

In the first incident, shortly after the annual session began March 15, a Cuban delegate "threatened" a U.S. delegate in the hallway outside the commission chambers, Mr. Williamson said.

Three weeks ago, a Cuban official attempted to prevent an employee of the U.S. mission from distributing position papers, and the "scuffling" that followed was broken up by a U.N. security guard.

And then, last weekend, a member of the U.S. delegation was jogging on a Geneva street when a Cuban delegate attempted to intimidate him.

"He was out there and a van pulled up and said, 'We're watching you,' " Mr. Williamson said. "This is no way for diplomats accredited by the United Nations to behave."
Actually the standard for UN diplomats is pretty low and I never hold my breath waiting for the UN to do anything about anything. On the other hand, it would really be a shame if some "Islamic terrorists" made a "mistake" and blew up the Cuban delegation by "accident" with a remote control bomb.