Friday, April 16, 2004

C'mon Teresa, let the little people have a look!

GOP Plays the Teresa $$ Card
There was new GOP pressure on Democrat John Kerry to release the tax returns of his mega-rich $525 million wife Teresa yesterday after it was learned that Kerry once said a politician who refuses to release tax returns can't be trusted.

When his wealthy GOP Senate challenger balked at releasing tax returns in 1990, Kerry demanded that he "come clean" and made it a central campaign issue, repeatedly asking: "What is he hiding?"

At that time Kerry claimed a wealthy candidate must release returns to prove he pays a fair share in "a tax system that isn't fair and lets the super-rich get off."
Sounds right to me, Lurch. So where's the little lady's returns?

Drudge has been all over this and there's all sorts of juicy possibilities. The interesting part to me is how a once nearly broke Lurch now seems be the owner of significant assets that he can cash in to fund his presidential campaign. No one is violating campaign finance laws over there are they? And what other political groups is she financing besides Lurch and the Tides Foundation?

And speaking of Teresa, try to restrain your gag reflex while viewing this Cindy Adams column:
I FIRST met the lady who could be our next first lady nose-to-nose. Flat out on the ground. Teresa Heinz Kerry arrived at my home for lunch, was welcomed by my two Yorkies, and went down on all fours.
When Mrs. Kerry subsequently rose, she saw a New York Post photographer. She'd been up since six, gone non-stop, was heading to a Newsweek shoot and it was raining. A nifty lady who can go with the flow, she sat down at my dressing table, grabbed my hairbrush, blow dryer, roller and comb, then helped herself to my powder, blusher and brushes.
Ewwwww! I guess they haven't heard of hygiene over in Mozambique! More than you want to know by following the link.