Friday, April 16, 2004

Break out the barf bags!

Flip Flop and the Bitch do it for the children

Click the photo for the "story". Rush Limbaugh says it's all part of a plan to make Her Heinous the VP nominee and take the microscope off that wingnut moneybags, Teresa. But I think it's more hormonal than that:

Making goo goo eyes

Ruh Oh! It looks like love! Quoting The American Spectator (scroll down):
Presumptive presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry took his presumptive vice-presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton out for a test drive on Wednesday. And boy did everyone have fun.
Woohoo! But here's a tip for Lurch - don't go for any evening walks in Ft. Marcy Park! You may have two vixens gunning for you!