Thursday, March 04, 2004

Who loves ya, baby?

Well, if you're John Kerry, it's a bunch of furriners according to the pressititutes.

Pravda Online: The odious Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey opines
John Kerry has criticized the foreign policy of George W. Bush as being inept, reckless, arrogant and ideological, a view which sums up world public opinion admirably.
The Guardian: "The Hope of the World"

Toronto Star: "Kerry's success may be our gain"
In short, Kerry's views on the world mesh better with mainstream Canadian views. Americans will find it harder to deride "Soviet Canuckistan" when a presidential candidate and war hero is voicing similar ideas.
Silly Morning Hilmer: "Kerry free trade opportunist but no warmonger"

Deutsche Welle: "Kerry Promises a Kinder, Gentler Foreign Policy"
While Bush has had limited foreign travel experience -- when he was 21 he listed his only foreign travel as a vacation trip to Scotland -- Kerry attended a Swiss boarding school and when he receives envoys from Paris in Washington, he chats with them in fluent French. His wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, was born in Mozambique, studied in South Africa and Switzerland and is fluent in five languages herself.
Well Yeehaw! No word on finger bowls.
"Bush has managed to offend everybody," said Ruth Oldenziel, an American history professor at the University of Amsterdam, in an interview with Dutch radio. "Kerry is well travelled, he has been to Vietnam, he's very well read, he has a sense of belonging, and has a background in Europe, so I think to Europeans he's going to be a welcome change."
I hope these folks won't mind if I suggest they hump somebody else's leg.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, the big unwritten story of the "exciting" primary contest was that voter turnout was "sharply down".