Wednesday, March 03, 2004

It's all in the family, I guess...

Richard Johnson's Page Six column in the NY Post has this nugget:

March 3, 2004 -- JOHN Kerry's ex-girlfriend Emma Gilbey is now married to Bill Keller, the executive editor of the New York Times - and some wags are wondering whether Gilbey's romantic past will influence her husband's coverage of the candidate.

Kerry dated Gilbey, a British gin heiress, in the late 1980s before she dumped him for Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. This was prior to Kerry marrying ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz and Gilbey getting hitched to Keller. But the dishier details of the Gilbey-Kerry fling are just now leaking out.

In the new issue of the American Conservative, co-editor Taki Theodoracopulos, another former flame of Gilbey's, imparts a naughty new morsel about the Gilbey/Kerry romance:

"People do tend to tell each other secrets, and one of her's was that she was involved with JFK Mark II [Kerry], the man who is now running for president," Taki writes. "More details followed, and then it was time for a White House correspondents' dinner.

"I had had much too much to drink . . . and when John Kerry lumbered by I heard myself yelling, 'Senator, do you like to have sex in limousines?' Well, he didn't look best pleased, but then he's a politician and knows how to roll with the punches. He also knew that I knew and left it well enough alone."
Lurch, we didn't know you had it in you (so to speak)!

The original article in Taki's own discursive style is here for your enjoyment, but I liked this section:
I don’t know much about Kerry except that he depresses the hell out of me. He looks as gloomy as a rainy Sunday night in Belfast, Northern Ireland. But don’t be fooled. This guy is running for president but he’s in the wrong racket. He shoulda been a gigolo. His first wife, Julia Thorn, helped him go into politics. (Helped is a euphemism for total financing, including breakfast cereals.) It would be unfair for me to jump to conclusions, but once he separated from Julia Thorn—whose assets were not unlimited—the Gilbey millions may have looked very attractive, until he found out there were no millions. Teresa Heinz’s fortune also came the old fashioned way. Through marriage. I find it particularly amusing when the press refers to her as an heiress. An heiress inherits from her father or mother. Poor Senator Heinz must be turning over in his untimely grave.
Don't you just hate it when the gigolo finds out his hottie has no dough? But it reminded me of James Taranto's item in yesterday's Best of the Web:
Political Ghost Story

Here's a creepy coincidence. Remember Wallace Carter? He's the Massachusetts man who in 1991 received two letters, nine days apart, from Sen. John Kerry, one opposing the Gulf War and the other supporting it. The New Republic published excerpts from both two months later. It turns out that soon thereafter, one of Kerry's colleagues gave a speech in which he mocked the haughty, French-looking Massachusetts Democrat, who by the way served in Vietnam, for the Carter letters. Dennis Roddy, a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, tells the story:
It happened at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner of the Allegheny County Republican Party, March 20, 1991, at the William Penn Hotel.

At the time the first George Bush was still flush with victory in the Persian Gulf, and dinnergoers chortled over a videotaped presentation of assorted senate Democrats backpedaling in the wake of a war they'd opposed. Ted Kennedy was shown. News clips were shown. But for Kerry, the speaker simply read the two letters, to everyone's amazement.

"It's like those before-and-after pictures they print in the papers," the speaker said. "If they didn't tell you so themselves, you'd think they were different people."

Kerry has to remember that one. The speaker was Sen. John Heinz. Two weeks later, he would die in a plane crash. Four years after that, Kerry would marry his widow.
If only the political parties were reversed, this would have the makings of a great Angry Left conspiracy theory.
What did Lurch know and when did he know it?