Wednesday, March 03, 2004

C'mon Lurch! Let's see the records

Neal Boortz on Kerry's Medical Records
Bill Clinton always refused to release his medical records. Speculation? Lots of it. But to this day we have no clue just why Clinton feared public scrutiny of his records.
There's a body of opinion that Bubba had the occasional problem with Peruvian marching powder, but I always thought he didn't want the folks to know how many times he was treated for the clap.
George Bush? He recently made his medical records pertaining to that period of time during which he was serving in the Texas Air National Guard public. All of them.

John Kerry? Will he release his medical records for that period of time he served in Vietnam? Answer: No, he won't. And why not? We don't know ... but I have a hunch.

Kerry has been making a mega-huge deal out of his service in Vietnam, and his three Purple Hearts. If you are adept at crusing the Internet you will find no dearth of articles about Kerry's Vietnam service and those three wounds. Some call Kerry's commendations "Band-Aid Purple Hearts." The definition is clear. Get a slight scratch -- apply a Band-aid -- receive your purple heart.

Is it possible that Kerry is afraid for the public to find out that he was receiving Purple Hearts for wounds that most Vietnam GIs wouldn't have even reported to their superiors?
Knowing Lurch, that's highly likely. But it would be cool if there was a psych profile:
“[T]he fabled and distinguished chief of naval operations, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, told me — 30 years ago when he was still CNO —that during his own command of U.S. naval forces in Vietnam, just prior to his anointment as CNO, young Kerry had created great problems for him and the other top brass,by killing so many non-combatant civilians and going after other non-military targets.‘We had virtually to straitjacket him to keep him under control,’ the admiral said.
Since Lurch won't release the records, we'll just have to speculate.