Thursday, March 04, 2004

Buh bye, punk

Yep, it's that whining little crapsack, Ted Rall, starring in a Rall rant (scroll down):
The New York Times has dropped political cartoonist Ted Rall, who traces the trouble back to his March 2002 cartoon of "terror widows," which depicted September 11 family survivors capitalizing on the attacks.

The image "became the target of a coordinated e-mail attack by right-wing 'warbloggers.' These pro-Bush bloggers, coasting on a wave of post-September 11 patriotism, sent out e-mails to their followers ... asking each other to deluge the Times and other papers with complaints that purported to come from their readers," Mr. Rall wrote on his Web site ( yesterday.
The Vast WarBlogger Conspiracy? VWBC for short, I guess. I hope Teddy has plenty of tin foil for making beanies.
"It seems that the warbloggers' consistent campaign of e-mail harassment has finally taken its toll over at Times Digital," Mr. Rall continued. "Because they're annoyed by receiving so many e-mail complaints about my work — all of them motivated by partisan politics — the Times has decided to drop my cartoons entirely."
Or maybe even the Times gets tired of delusional hacks.
Mr. Rall called the move "a dangerous precedent. ... They've sent the message that political pressure works."
He forgot "chilling effect". Where's my violin, I feel a big sad coming on!