Tuesday, February 03, 2004

There's always good news somewhere!

How about the minor league hockey player who was suspended after referring to an opponent as a "Euro"? Tsk, everyone knows the correct term is "Euroweenie."

Then there's the German "artiste" whose medium of choice is human cadavers. The only problem is that some of them seem to be executed Chinese prisoners with bullets in their heads. Probably understandable since while some people leave their bodies to science, I expect very few leave them to "art." Oh yeah, catch the photo of the artiste in the article.

I haven't been following the Martha Stewart trial but Andrea Peyser says You Know It's a Circus When Rosie the Clown Shows Up. Aside from the photo of Rosie with a death grip on a bag of M&M's, the best part is:
"Her daughter [Alexis] made lemon cake, which was delicious!" Rosie enthused. "They had napkins that matched the forks!"
Who knew that Rosie had such refined taste?

And here's a shocker - Expert Says Glass Is Major Threat to Birds!
Carr Everbach, a Swarthmore College engineer heading a "green team" working on a new science center at the school, likens plate glass to other scientific advancements later found to harm the environment, such as ozone-depleting CFCs and leaded gasoline.

"Anytime someone tells you there's something really big that you haven't heard of, you think they're crazy," he said. [Say what?]

The new science center will have glass etched with dots and other patterns, which the green team hopes birds will see and avoid. The building also will have clear glass and "thump sensors" to see if - and where - birds strike the structure.
Why do I envision the "thump sensors" connected up to a giant display of the total and rowdy undergrads on a Saturday night trying to tap on the windows to make the numbers go up?