Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Obligatory Election Post

I was going to skip commenting on yesterday's primaries because "everybody's doing it", but here are a few laughs.

Rev. spins after flop
COLUMBIA, S.C. - As the Rev. Al Sharpton delivered his "victory speech" at the Sheraton Hotel here, he shared the ballroom with members of the South Carolina Funeral Directors Association.

It was a good fit. Undertakers are used to insincere speeches.

"Nobody would have predicted that I would finish ahead of [Howard] Dean, [Wesley] Clark, [Joseph] Lieberman and [Dennis] Kucinich," Sharpton said after tallying 9.6% of the state's vote. "I'm a first-tier candidate."
John Ellis - He's Alive
Watching Chris Matthews of MSNBC slather all over Senator John Edwards tonight was embarrassing on any number of levels, but it was a useful reminder to Ellisblog that one must never underestimate the power of the national news media when it seeks a desired outcome.

"Is it just a matter of having people see how good you are, Senator Edwards" asked Mr. Matthews of his somewhat startled guest. "Yes, I think that's right" said Sen. Edwards by way of reply. You really can't make this stuff up.
Bwahaha! Chris Matthews is a legend in his own mind.
And so it was proclaimed this evening that we now have a two-man race between Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards for the Democratic presidential nomination. It is hardly clear that this is so. The facts would seem to argue otherwise. But never mind about that, dittoheads. The Show must go on and the media will produce it.
Ain't we got fun!

Leftoid tears in The Problem With Kerry: He’s so -- zzzzzzzzzzz ... plus a rather unflattering snap of the gigolo.

And Howie Carr in the ($ subscription required) Boston Herald - It's Deja Duke all over again, but Long Jawn ain't tanking yet
You know, since 1988, M. Stanley Dukakis has become a standing joke, George McGovern in a tank. He's relegated to the Fritz Mondale-Jimmy Carter super-loser category. But remember, the Duke was 17 points ahead of Bush I after the Democratic convention.

If the Duke had been of sound mind, and Al Gore hadn't invented Willie Horton in the New York primary, the Duke might well have become the 41st president.

It was scary there for a while, but all's well that ends well, and 1988 ended magnificently. Only now, 16 years later, it's deja vu, although this time it's the Duke's lieutenant governor who's rolling toward . . . Boston.

Which is, of course, the Republicans' secret weapon. The Democratic convention is going to take place right here, and if yesterday's urine-drenched chug-a-lug party on City Hall Plaza is any indication, Mumbles and his gang of knuckleheads are far from ready for prime time.

Yesterday was a dry run convention, and it quickly became a wet run. And think of how much tougher July's rioters will be than yesterday's drunk teenagers. If Seattle couldn't handle the anarchists and wackos who descended on the WTO conference a couple of years back, then how possibly can Mumbles?

How odd it is that George Bush's best friend in the coming campaign may be Mumbles Menino, the mayor who said yesterday he couldn't put porta-potties on City Hall Plaza because they might be used ``as weapons.''

Who knew the Incredible Hulk was lumbering downtown to start a riot?
Sounds like I missed a party!
What does Karl Rove propose to throw at Kerry? The fact that his car didn't have a Massachusetts inspection sticker for seven years? That when it comes to charity, he tosses around quarters like manhole covers? That he owns a 42-foot Hinckley powerboat named the Scaramouche? That until he started running for president Kerry preferred an imported Italian motorcycle to his present Harley?

The old Arthur Finkelstein-type ``wedge'' issues just don't work anymore, which brings us back to all those ``fans'' on City Hall Plaza yesterday. Many of the guys were relieving themselves on the Plaza when they weren't videotaping the girls flashing their breasts, a la Janet Jackson.

They've spent way more time in mosh pits than precincts, and that's your 2004 electorate, folks. You can't call Kerry a card-carrying member of the ACLU because 1) he's too cheap to pay the annual dues, and 2) most of these voters have no clue what the ACLU is.
Hmm, we'll think of something.