Thursday, February 05, 2004

Home movies alert!

Saddam in 'Terror Tape'
New footage has been released purporting to show Saddam Hussein paying large sums of money to a terrorist group.
The footage given to Sky News was reportedly looted from one of Saddam's palaces.
Unlike "Osama" these days, they could apparently afford a video camera. Whether or not the tape is legit, ole Saddy was famous for paying a reward for suicide bombers in Israel. What more do you need?

Speaking of which, there was another of those pesky work related accidents today - Palestinian Militant Killed in Gaza Blast:
A leader of the Hamas militant group's military wing has been killed in an explosion at a Gaza Strip refugee camp, according to AFP.

Hamas officials identified the militant leader as 36-year-old Abdel Naser Abu Shuka.

Witnesses reportedly spotted Israeli helicopters hovering over the camp shortly after the blast, although the Israeli military has denied operating in the area.

An Israeli military source said the army suspected that Abu Shuka died in an accident while preparing an explosive.
Bummer! No Saddy bucks and no raisins either.

But no worries about a fun shortage in the Middle East, because Allah has a graphic illustration of
"it seemed as if Arab youth would some day be getting their spiritual advice from Snoop Dogg instead of an austere Islamic cleric"
Damn scary! Speaking of Allah, the big fella is getting sloppy over Howie's sad straits. Me too, sniff!