Thursday, December 24, 2009

Obama Christmas Spirit - Transvestite Ornaments on the Whitehouse Tree

The fun-loving Obamas have brought more "change you can believe in" to the Whitehouse. This time its the Whitehouse Christmas, er Holiday Tree which this year features ornaments with transvestites, Chairman Mao, and Obama's grinning mug on Mt. Rushmore. Heck, nothing says Christmas like transvestite ornaments on the tree!

whitehouse christmas tree transvestite ornament

Apparently the Obamas sought out the well-known NY window-dressing poofter, Simon Doonan, to do the Christmas, er Holiday Tree decorating and he did his usual schtick to shock the squares.

'Let's face it,''he once said, ''window-dressing is a nonessential, poofy profession whose one raison d'ĂȘtre is the creation of desire. I consider myself very lucky to have found it.''


A self-proclaimed ''gay half-wit with no future,'' he had just two goals: ''Not to go raving mad like the rest of the family and not to end up working in one of the local factories.''

Sounds like a swell choice to boost the Christmas, er, Holiday Spirit in the nation's house. I worry though about what'll happen if someone suggests that everyone don their gay apparel.

gay obama

Meanwhile in Obamavilles across the nation, the citizenry can only look on in amazement at this bizarre interloper and his crew of wingnuts.