Friday, October 05, 2007

Hold off on the virgin sacrifice, the ozone hole is shrinking

Well, I'll be gobsmacked! Lookie here - Ozone Hole Shrinks by Nearly a Third:
After reaching a record high in 2006, scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) reports that the ozone hole decreased by nearly a third in 2007.

Dang, where's my hairspray? But hold on a sec, the boffins warn not to cut off the flow of research grants just yet:

The agency also warned that the decrease is not a sign of permanent recovery, based on their research.

(Various butt covering deleted)

While the study by KNMI and the ESA indicates that the ozone hole recovery of this year was likely simply a temporary trend, international cooperation and increased public awareness will hopefully eventually lead to recovery such as 2007's being a permanent trend.

Here at the Country Store Research Institute, we've reached a different conclusion which is that none of these "crack" scientists have the faintest frickin' clue about what is really going on, but are only too happy to prescribe goofy socialist nostrums as a solution for their fantasy problems. Begone, twits!