Monday, February 05, 2007

Where's all that darn global warming?

I ventured down to the lower 40 today to cut up a fallen tree and I have to tell you that it was a tad chilly here in the Southland with even worse promised for tonight. I'm surely grumped - I'd planned on wearing a monokini along with my Santa beard and hat next Christmas what with all the Global Warming the ecoweenies have been promising lately. Of course it makes me feel a whole lot better to see that some Donk loving locales are feeling the bite too:

Below-Zero Temps Close Schools:

A bone-chilling Arctic cold wave with temperatures as low as 38 below zero shut down schools for thousands of youngsters Monday, halted some Amtrak
service and put car batteries on the disabled list from the northern Plains across the Great Lakes.

The cold was accompanied by snow that was measured in feet in parts of upstate New York.

With temperatures near zero and a wind chill of 25 below, school districts across Ohio canceled classes. "We have a lot of kids that walk to school. We didn't think it was worth the risk," Sandusky City Schools Superintendent Bill Pahl said.

Wisconsin's largest school district, Milwaukee Public Schools, also shut down, idling some 90,000 children, and in upstate New York 34,000 kids got the day off in Rochester because of near-zero temperatures. Schools also closed in parts of Michigan. Even in Minnesota, where February cold is the norm and people are accustomed to coping, some charter schools closed.

The temperature crashed to 38 below zero Monday morning at Hallock in
northwestern Minnesota, and to 30 below at International Falls, the weather
service said.

But wait there's more! Bitter Cold Grips Northern States:

From Minnesota to New York, some schoolchildren are getting an extra long weekend because of the bitter chill that has spread over the eastern half of the country.

Wind chills are minus 25 degrees or lower and some high temperatures today aren't expected to climb above zero.

Experts say exposed skin can get frostbite and school officials didn't want kids outside waiting for buses.

Maine is getting hammered with wind chills forecast as low as minus 45 by tonight in the western mountains.

In Michigan, there could be insult added to injury with winter storm warnings for most of the eastern Upper Peninsula and the northwest Lower Peninsula.

Amtrak shut down passenger train service in upstate New York west of Albany and numerous schools closed due to whiteouts from lake-effect snow and below zero wind chills.
Yeah, I know it's all anecdotal. But heck, the way the usual suspects get all squishy every time some of their underclass "clients" get hit by bad weather we might as well get a laugh before they explain that it's all somehow due to Global Warming, and if not, that it's all George Bush's fault.

On a more utilitarian note, has anyone seen Al Gore? Sleds work much better if you grease the runners and who's more oleaginous than Big Weird Al?