Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween costume suggestions for the usual suspects!

Don't cry, little girl! It's Halloween and the usual suspects are no more scary in fancy dress than they are normally. Of course, that's real damn scary.

Here is a collection of costume suggestions I have collected over the years from various sources - none are original to me. Click on a photo to supersize at least some of them.

Some choices are obvious:

(Owwww! My eyes!)

(I love Science Fiction themes!)


(Where's the pixie dust?)

Some choices are more obscure:

(If he only had a brain!)

(Looking for another waitress sandwich, I guess.)

But the biggest problem is choosing costumes for the Empress and her consort (and other hangers-on) from the many worthwhile suggestions:

(A traditional favorite!)

(Novel, but a trifle nuanced)

(OK, I get it now.)

(I don't think so)

(Hobos! Always a good choice!)

(Clowns are good, too!)

(That would be real easy to carry off!)

It's too hard to choose! Maybe John Kerry could just go as himself?

Or maybe not. But it does arouse a strange feeling!